Andre Rieu Happy Together 2 x CD & DVD SET

Andre Rieu Happy Together 2 x CD & DVD SET

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Released Friday 19th November 2021

'Happy Together' is a wonderful and emotional 'ode to joy', celebrating the return to life, happiness and love - a musical reminder of how life was before the COVID-19 pandemic. For this album André personally chose and recorded his favorite songs from all over the world. The CD/DVD features a number of world famous tunes such as 'You are my Sunshine', 'La Bamba', 'Happy Together', 'Voices of Spring', 'Valencia', 'Circus Renz', 'Estudiantina' and 'When I'm 64'.


Semper Fidelis
You are my Sunshine
Waves of the Danube
Happy Together
Egyptian March
Slavko play for us
El Capitan
Berliner Luft
Circus Renz
Maastricht, City Of Jolly Singers
Skoda Lasky (Rosamunde)
André Goes Marching On (Medley)
When I’m Sixty Four
La Bamba
Can’t help falling in love
All my life

Carnaval de Venice - Mainau
Ob Blond, ob Braun - Gala in Amsterdam Arena
Perpetuum Mobile - Vienna
Zwei Kleine Italiener - Heidelberg
When I’m 64 - Maastricht
Second Waltz – Maastricht
Singing in the Rain - New York
Barcarolle - Maastricht
Storie di tutti i giorni (Dromen zijn bedrog) - Maastricht
Amigos para Siempre - Maastricht
Tutti Frutti - Maastricht
Adieu (around the world)