Record Store Day

The rules of the day which all shops have to strictly adhere to

We can take requests but it’s a No reservation event and first come first serve on the day.
You can buy as many releases as you can afford but remember it’s strictly ONE COPY of each item per customer. This means everyone has a chance of getting a copy of their desired issue.
We always receive a large proportion of the releases but there are over 500 releases so impossible to stock everything.
Some are very limited so each shop only gets a few copies so it’s worth coming early.
However for many of the main releases we receive a great allocation so you’ll usually still find amazing titles right up until closing time at 5pm
Our much loved controlled system to reward those who queue and keeps it fair for everyone.
So early on we let the queue in one by one and give each person some time to get their desired items before letting the next person in. We also have staff on hand to go through your wants list with you and show you where each one is.

Full list of releases on

We will add details and prices of as many as we possibly can, just check out our special feature page